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Bibs Passion Oil - Infused Oils for Cooking, Salads and Dipping

Our Infused Oil Products

New Bibs' Exotic Oils Are In The Pipeline and Coming Soon!
Black Pepper & Citrus Oil, Black Walnut, Roasted Pistachio, and Pine Nut Infused Safflower Oils.

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Garlic Infused Olive Oil

We start with Colavita® Imported 100% extra virgin olive oil as a base for the infusion process. The base oil is then infused with domestically grown garlic and the select dried herbs & spices for a short period of time. Only select dried California grown garlic (no chinese garlic for me) and an assortment of quality USA grown herbs and spices are used in Bibs' Passion Oil.Garlic Infused Olive Oil Then these fine ingredients steep in the oil before straining through cheese cloth. The oil is then poured into bottles and stored in a cool dry place. The process is done in small batches to insure the longest possible shelf life, which is around 6-12 months from date of manufacture. The end result of this process is a fine tasting healthy garlic infused oil.

Bibs' Passion Oil Garlic Infusions are available in 5 ounce "Woozy" bottles and 8.5 ounce "Dorica" clear or "Marasca" dark green bottles. The Dorica bottle is clear and widely available as is the clear Woozy bottle. The green Marasca bottle is somewhat harder to find and has a higher cost, but very much in demand among traditional olive oil lovers! The price on the Dorica and Marasca bottles is the same to please my customers and insure satisfaction over a wide spectrum of oil afficionados! The 5 ounce bottles are ideal for a couple setting down to a pasta diner with a salad and Bread The 8.5 ounce is for a larger group of people for a similiar dinner setting. Click here to purchase.

Infused Safflower Oils

Well it seems that old Bibs has been burning the midnight oil again! He decided to add safflower oil to the product line and proudly introduces four great tasting infused 100% pure safflower oils. Infused Safflower OilsInfused Orange, Infused Lemon & Basil, Infused Thai Chili Pepper and Infused Jalapeño & Garlic.

Bibs decided on safflower oil because of its high oleic acid content, it's rich in natural Vitamin-C, anti-oxidants, and is trans fat and cholesterol free. Safflower oil is a smart alternative to vegetable oil and has a high flash point that makes it ideal for frying.


  • Orange

    The Orange infusion is great for use with all meats and vegetables.
  • Lemon Basil

    The Lemon & Basil infusion is ideal for seafood and stir frying vegetables.
  • Thai Chili Pepper

    The Thai Chili Pepper infusion is for those who yearn for hot & spicy and it can be used for meats, vegetables, or just about anything!
  • Jalapeño Garlic    New

    The Jalapeño Garlic infusion is a great tasting oil is similar to my thai chili oil but has the distinct flavor of jalepeño peppers and a strong kick of Garlic! Use your imagination, try it on most any fried or sauteed dish!

Bibs' Infused Safflower Oils are available in 5.0 oz. Woozy bottles. Buy one bottle or a case of twelve.Click here to purchase.

Bibs' 6 Pack

The new Bibs' 6 pack contains six 1.7 ounce Woozy bottles of the following oils:Six Pack Infused Oils

  • Garlic Infused Imported 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Garlic Infused 100% Safflower Oil
  • Orange Infused 100% Safflower Oil
  • Lemon & Basil Infused Safflower Oil
  • Thai Chili Pepper Infused Safflower Oil
  • Jalapeño & Garlic Infused Safflower Oil
The 6 Pack is great as gift for any occasion, holiday, or to simply sample of all the oils I infuse. Get your Bibs' 6 Pack today. Click here to purchase.

The Bibs' Passion Oil Story

All my life I’ve had a passion for all things culinary, and anything garlic related! My nickname “Bibs” comes from the only thing I wear, Bib overalls. They’re comfortable and fit my lifestyle.

Aside from my love of cooking and trying out new recipes, I’ve also owned and operated a welding shop, built greenhouse and nursery carts, and built a few custom Harley and Triumph bikes.

I’m a retired Prison Guard and that is how I acquired my other nickname of “Pasta de Costa”. It was due to cooking at the Corrections Officer Training Academy I attended and filling up the place with that heavenly garlic odor which I still can’t get through the day without getting a healthy dose of it. Bibs Picture image My fellow officers either loved me, or hated me for “odorizing” the barracks we lived at the Academy. Ha Ha, I thought it was real funny!

As the years went by, I began to reflect back on the day my wife took the picture you see of me on the labels of my products. I treasured that moment enough to want the picture to grace every bottle of oil I sell. This all led to Bibs’ Passion Oil. It was only natural to name my company and website with those words.

All of my products are made in a small commercial kitchen on my premises. The products are produced in small quantity batches to afford maximum shelf life. Larger batches could allow the oil to sit around for long periods of time which would diminish quality and reduce shelf life. You’re getting high quality oils when you buy from me!!

Because I don’t have a high overhead, I’m able to offer some of the best pricing on the internet!!

Check out my selection of oils and I hope to have your business. Watch for specials I’ll be offering in the near future!

Thank you for visiting the Bibs' Passion Oil website. Come back often as other types of infused oil will be introduced that are now in development. If you have any questions please use our convenient Contact Form. Now it's time to go the Bibs' Store page to make your purchase.

Respectfully, Dave a.k.a. Bibs

What Our Customers Are Saying

"As a lover of garlic, Bib's Passion Oil ReviewersI personally thought the olive oil was delicious and is definitely really potent, as advertised! It was really tasty with soft bread and a mild cheese (but don't drench the bread too much; just a few drops is enough to give you a blast of flavor). One of my coworkers thought that it would be good to make a light pasta sauce with it. It has so much impact that it doesn't require much. I am definitely going to try cooking with it as well. "

Some more thoughts from my coworkers:
"I love garlic and I love Bibs"
"This garlic infused olive oil really packs a punch!"
All the best, Jenn


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